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About Steven Abell

Steven Abell

Steven Abell

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Enthusiast


Functional Fitness, Innovative Workouts, and Training Tips


  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of California, Los Angeles
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Notable Achievements

  • Innovative Fitness Advocate
  • Inspiring Fitness Enthusiasts to Achieve Their Goals

Areas of Expertise

Steven Abell, a certified personal trainer and dedicated fitness enthusiast, is known for his innovative workout routines and training tips. With a solid educational foundation in kinesiology and a deep passion for functional fitness, Steven’s articles offer actionable strategies to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. His unwavering commitment to promoting exercise as a sustainable lifestyle choice is truly motivating.

“Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Together, we can embark on this path to a healthier and stronger you.”

— Steven Abell

Holistic Approach

Steven’s approach to fitness is holistic, emphasizing the importance of not only physical strength but also overall well-being. He believes in crafting workout routines that are sustainable, enjoyable, and conducive to improved health.

Community Engagement

Beyond his writing, Steven actively engages with the fitness community, offering one-on-one training sessions, group fitness classes, and online coaching to support individuals on their path to better health and fitness.

Published Works

Steven has authored numerous fitness publications and training guides, sharing his knowledge and insights to help people lead healthier and more active lives.